Christian Bock

PhD Candidate

Welcome! I'm a machine learning scientist working at the intersection of ML and healthcare. After graduating from the University of Heidelberg in Medical Informatics, I'm in my 3rd year of pursuing my PhD in Machine Learning in Professor Karsten Borgwardt's Lab at ETH Zurich.


2020/07/22 I started blogging my summaries of the MLSS lectures. The first one is about causality. Link
2020/05/27 New preprint on time series imputation strategies. Link
2020/04/29 I was lucky enough to got selected for participation at the Machine Learning Summer School 2020! Link
2020/03/09 Our work on circulatory failure prediction in the ICU was published in Nature Medicine. Link
2019/11/16 Published a new blog post about our Wasserstein Kernel for Time Series. Link
2019/10/01 I started the third year of my PhD!
2019/10/01 Our Wasserstein-based subsequence kernel for time series has been accepted at the Optimal Transport in Machine Learning (OTML) Workhop at NeurIPS. Link
2019/08/09 Our Wasserstein-based subsequence kernel for time series has been accepted at ICDM. Link
2019/06/09 I published a blog article on persistent homology. Link
2019/04/21 Our topological extension of the Weisfeiler-Lehman algorithm for graph classification has been accepted for poster presentation and a short talk at ICML. Link
2019/03/17 I published my first blog article on S3M. Link
2018/12/18 Our work on Neural Persistence has been accepted for poster presentation at ICLR. Link
2018/10/01 I started the second year of my PhD!
2018/06/19 I presented our work on S3M at the Personalized Health Technologies Research Conference in Zurich. Link
2018/03/01 Our work on association mapping in biomedical time series (S3M) was accepted at ISMB and published in Bioinformatics. Link
2017/10/01 I started my PhD at ETH Zurich in Karsten Borgwardt's Group of Machine Learning and Computational Biology Link